At Performance Safety Compliance, we have the highest standards of safety with Federal Motor Carrier regulatory compliance.  We serve clients throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. With over forty years of experience in the transportation industry, we are able to provide hands-on, on-site supervisor training, driver training, fleet maintenance training, operations training, and safety director services training in DOT.  Through the training we offer, our clients are able to implement policies and procedures that will ensure their operations and departments are organized, professional, cost-effective, and in compliance with government safety regulations. We customize and design safety programs specific to our client’s organizational needs, in order for their operation to perform at its highest function.  Our ultimate goal is to help our clients manage their programs, train their employees, and offer risk management practices to help improve their bottom line. We guarantee the training we provide in addition to our management seminars in FMCSR and Human Relations will give our clients the tools to make a difference in their workplace.